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Southeast Charlotte NC - Provincetowne neighborhood (Ballantyne area) driving tour

Hey, I see you are interested in moving to Charlotte, NC! Let’s explore the Provincetowne neighborhood located on the Southeast side of Charlotte.

You probably have been searching like crazy on the internet about Charlotte, NC. Which neighborhoods? The good and the bad of living in Charlotte. All this research with the end goal to gather as much information as possible.

You are probably finding many written blog posts with very general and generic information that is not helping you much with the tough decision of whether to call Charlotte, NC, home.

What areas to consider? How is life like in Charlotte? What neighborhoods to focus on? And so on, and on…

I was in the same boat some years ago, so I want to provide as much information as possible to help you make the most educated decision.

There are many great neighborhoods in Southeast Charlotte, but I want to concentrate on one area at a time. I want to provide you with as much detail as possible regarding the different subdivisions, homes, amenities, lifestyle, schools, and entertainment. This article is all about the Provincetowne neighborhood. This area is in the suburbs of Charlotte. The Provincetowne neighborhood is part of the well-known and desirable area called Ballantyne. The reason is it’s because the neighborhood is right next to the community of Ballantyne. As you drive through this area, you can see that aesthetics are very important to the community. The streets and entrances to the subdivisions and business centers are clean and well-manicured.

The Provincetowne neighborhood has a wonderful mixture of businesses, as well as a lot of residential communities. There are over 30 subdivisions within this neighborhood, and each one has its unique style and characteristics.

I am going to take you through some of these subdivisions to give you an idea of what the Provincetowne neighborhood offers.

Let’s get started!

The Highgrove subdivision is very scenic and serene, like a park type of neighborhood. It has a lot of trees. As you drive through, you are taken over by the thick canopy of trees that makes you feel like you’re in an enchanted place. Peeking through the matured trees are these high-end, custom, luxury homes. These homes are pretty spacious. The square footage on these homes ranges from 3,000 square feet to over 6,000 square feet of living space. These properties sit in large size lots ranging from one-third of an acre to well over half an acre. The current market price of these homes ranges between $800,00 to $1.3 million as of the writing of this article – May 2021.

Allyson Park is another subdivision in the Provincetowne neighborhood. The houses in Allyson Park are smaller than what we can find in the Highgrove subdivision. However, these homes are still very spacious, ranging from 2,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet of living space. The current price of the houses in this subdivision ranges from $600,000 to over $800,000. The great thing about this subdivision is that it offers great amenities for its residents. These amenities include a pool, tennis courts, a playground, and a half basketball court. In addition, Allyson Park is a peaceful and safe subdivision.

Ardrey is one of my favorite subdivisions in this area. As you drive through this community, your eyes are drawn to these vibrant, pastel-colored homes. The houses in this subdivision have embraced the Charleston Southern-style with gorgeous wraparound porches depicting a very relaxed, playful Southern lifestyle. The houses in this subdivision are pretty spacious, too: they range between 2,000 sq ft to over 3,000 sq ft of living space.

One thing to note is that these homes sit in smaller lots at around 0.20 acres. With that being said, these properties do not have a large front yard or backyard. However, this is a very common trend you find with newer communities building in smaller parcels to maximize the land use. As a local real estate expert, this matter has not hindered the desirability of this community. It all depends on what you are looking for and what will be comfortable for you and your family. Based on my personal and past clients’ experience, people respect their neighbor’s private space, tranquility, and peacefulness of the neighborhood. This community compensates for the small yards by providing 12 named parks, where its residents can enjoy the greenery, have fun, play with the kids, jog and walk their dogs. And actually, the subdivision has a dog park – pretty cool, right! If you have a doggie, you’ll love this feature as you do not have to drive far to entertain your four-legged pal.

In addition to all these great features, the neighborhood offers community amenities such as a pool, a clubhouse, a fitness center, and children’s playgrounds. In addition, all the streets within this neighborhood have sidewalks on both sides, which is a feature that not all the communities in the area offer, so you can comfortably and safely walk the neighborhood.

Another incredible perk offered by the Ardrey homeowner association is that they include the front yard maintenance of your property with the HOA fee. So yes, the front yard of your property maintained by the HOA. So if yard work is not your jam, maybe this neighborhood is just for you.

The Landen Meadows subdivision is a tranquil neighborhood. Houses in this community are mainly traditional two-floor homes, and one-level ranch-style homes. The current market value of these homes ranges from mid $ 300,000’s to the low $ 400,000’s. If you are looking for some space between houses, Landen Meadows is a good contender. These houses sit in moderate size lots, most of them being around one-third of an acre. Also, this neighborhood provides many amenities, including a pool, tennis courts, half basketball court, and a children’s playground. The residents of this community are very involved. The HOA members organize activities for the entire subdivision, such as Easter egg hunts, Halloween parades, and trick or treating, the start of school year celebrations, 4th of July celebrations, and many others. Also, the subdivision has a swim team where the resident’s kids and teens team up and compete against other competing subdivisions in the area. It’s lots of fun!

Blakeney Greens is another subdivision within the Providencetowne neighborhood. In Blakeney Greens, you can find two types of properties: single-family detached homes and townhomes. The detached single-family homes are pretty spacious, with at least two thousand square feet of living space. However, these houses are close to each other as the property lots range from about 0.10 to 0.20 acres. But the subdivision offers green areas. You find these green areas by the front of the subdivision and another around the middle of the community.

The townhouses at Blakeney Greens are two-level and three-level townhomes. There is a pool and a walking trail for residents to enjoy. The HOA fees in this subdivision cover the yard work. So here we have another subdivision for those who are not too keen on doing yard work. This subdivision would be perfect!

Now let’s talk about the Williamsburg subdivision. In the Williamsburg subdivision, we can find traditional, Georgian-style homes with their well recognizable reddish brick facade. These homes sit on decent-sized lots, ranging from one-third of an acre to about half an acre. These size lots provide plenty of separation with your neighbors and offer a generous front and backyard. In addition, these properties provide good-sized living areas ranging from 2,000 square feet to over 4,000 square feet of living space. In terms of the current market prices, these homes can range from mid $400,000 to over $600,000. There are no community amenities in this subdivision, but the area offers many attractions and things to do for kids and adults. Since there are no amenities within the community, the HOA fees are less costly than other communities with amenities.

The Reavencrest subdivision is a large development. Within this subdivision, there are five distinct sub-areas that provide several types of properties.

At the Laurels, Preserve, and The Cascades, we can find two-floor, single-family detached homes. These homes provide plenty of living space with at least 2,000 sq ft.

At the Terrace, we can find townhomes only. These townhouses are two-level with an attached garage. These townhomes offer from 1,600 sq ft to 1,800 sq ft of living space.

At the Arbours, we can find one-level homes or one-and-a-half-level homes, providing up to 2,200 square feet of living space.

The Reavencrest subdivision offers amenities that include a tennis court, a pool, and a children’s playground.

These are just a few of the subdivisions that we can find within the Provincetowne neighborhood. The neighborhood is very diverse and provides plenty of options for everyone.

The Provincetowne neighborhood has some of the best-rated schools within the Charlotte Mecklenburg School (CMS) district. The schools that serve this neighborhood include:

Hawk Ridge Elementary School

Polo Ridge Elementary School

JM Robinson Middle School

Community House Middle School

Audrey Kell High School

This high school is one of the best in the area in terms of academic performance and extra-curriculum programs. The U.S. News Best High Schools Rankings ranked Ardrey Kell High School as #1 in the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system; #5 in Charlotte metro area; #15 in North Carolina out of 539 ranked high schools in the state of North Carolina; and #587 nationally out of 17,857 ranked high schools in the U.S.A.

All the schools that serve this area are well ranked by third parties school ranking sites. The schools are one of the many reasons the Provincetowne and Ballantyne areas are very desirable.

The Provincetowne neighborhood offers several shopping areas. The most recognizable one is the Blakeney shopping center. This shopping center is quite large with many options from high-end clothing stores, groceries, banks, pharmacies, Target, fast food, fine dining, recreation areas, and much more. You’re going to find an array of different businesses that will satisfy a lot of your needs without having to drive too far.

Right across the street from the Blakeney shopping center is the Blakeney corporate park. This corporate park has various service-type businesses such as lawyers, medical offices, dental offices, daycare or day schools for your kids, and many other types of small businesses. These businesses offer the community plenty of employment opportunities.

Another shopping center worth mentioning is Robinson Farm. Besides office space, restaurants, and small businesses, the shopping center offers a farmer’s market on Wednesdays and Saturdays at its parking lot. Local farmers gather in the parking lot to sell organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Another site of interest within this area is the Morrison Family YMCA, which offers many activities to the community.

The provincetowne neighborhood is so diverse and welcoming. As the years pass and migration and population growth, we will see more diversity in the communities. The housing opportunities and options available in the area support the constant demand as more people, families call Charlotte, NC home. There is so much to do and enjoy, not just within the subdivision but the surrounding areas.

Can you see yourself and your family living in this community?

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